50GB awesome online cloud service sites for free

50GB awesome online cloud service sites for free


MEGA is a relatively new cloud storage option in the industry compared to the most entrenched players such as Google’s Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive and Dropbox.



Create maga account

Create a mega account

Go to the MEGA registration home page and enter your sure name, email, and password. then, check “I agree with MEGA Terms of Service” and click “Register” button (see the image below for more details).


Create free account

Create a free account

Now a confirmation message will be sent to the registered email. Just click on the verification link and you will be redirected to the page where your account is created. During activation, a message appears saying that its key encryption is being created using the mouse movement and keystrokes. This is awesome news because it gives us the assurance that our files safe and free from malicious access.


Conformation link mail

Confirmation link mail


Now it’s time to select your language. Currently, it supports 28 languages. And if you’re still in English, you don’t have to do anything, because by default it’s in English.


apps folder create

Apps folder create

It shows one of the most interesting features of MEGA, that’s file sharing, I created a folder called “Apps” by clicking on “New Folder“, and then clicked “File Upload” to upload an image file for testing.


Mega dashboard

Mega dashboard

Just click on the file or files you wanna share and copy the link, making it available to anyone and with all security encryption. This feature is what made the old Megaupload so popular and got several legal problems for its founder Kim Dotcom.

When you share the link URL with your fans or blog readers, and when they click on your download link, redirects to the downloading page as you see below. But make sure that the user must agree with the MEGA Terms of Service to download your file.

Still, in Beta, MEGA innovates by bringing a generous storage space of 50GB and an awesome interface but is still pretty raw. However, we may likely see apps for Android, iPhone, and PC to take advantage of many files.

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