The purpose of obtaining personal information

When you use the services of our website you will be asked for personal information (eg name, email address etc.) from you. The website will not follow the existing laws.

Information about visitors

You Going back to your computer is a thing called cookie, along with pages that you see when you go to the website. This will be done on almost every web site because these cookies help you to find useful information such as a website publisher that your computer has already visited a particular website. Cookies and codes are used both caught. This information, uses cookies .

What is a cookie?

When you enter a website you will automatically get a cookie on your computer. Cookies are written files. These are designed to help our servers identify your system. Cookies can not access who the viewer is, but only the used machine can be identified. Many websites use these cookies to measure the number of visitors coming to their website. Cookies also calculate how much time is spent on a particular site, not just about what is going on to a computer’s website. Internet users can restart the computer as their computer recognizes all cookies, and the cookie can be alerted when it comes in, but can always stabilize all cookies.

Note: Even if you do not have the system to reject cookies, you may be able to navigate through our website without informing you about it. You need to provide personal information about yourself if you have posted for services.

Storage and Use of Personal Information

We have legal obligations on how to use that information when you provide for personal information (for example to participate in tournaments or as a member of the website). We need to get personal information, that is, we need to explain to you how we will use that information, and we want to inform you that the information will be given to others. The information you give is Only used by the service provider on the website and on its behalf. This information will never be delivered to others without getting your approval. If the law requires us to provide the information and grant us permission, we will give you personal information without your permission. We will keep your personal information up to you until the time you use our service. If this goal is completed we will remove that information. We will ensure that all personal information provided to us is kept safely in accordance with the Information Security Act.