We can Format an SD Card very Easy Way


SD cards may be tricky gadgets. They sat on our camera and cell phone, just waiting for us to take a lifetime photo when they stopped responding. While there is nothing to predict when or where the SD card will die, the correct formatting can extend the life of the card and provide the most space available.

The SD Association provides an SD card formatting program for this purpose. Yes, they realize that Windows has built-in formatting capabilities, but they warn that by using a common operating system formatting program, “best performance may not be affected.” SD card death, saving less space.

The program can be downloaded on Mac and Windows. Support all SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards, it is recommended to use USB SD card reader for formatting.


Once you install and run the program, it only initializes with a small screen. Download here

SD Formatter

SD Formatter

Before starting the program, be sure to insert the SD card into the card reader. The program is smart enough to scan all drives and find the SD card’s drive. If not, just click the “Refresh button‘. If you can not display the card in the drop-down list, you may need to install the SDXC driver for that particular type of card.

Next, click the “option” to select the way you want the SD card to be formatted. A dialog box appears with a drop-down menu that lists three “format type” options. The first Quick, just a standard format, can erase the master boot record (MBR) on the SD card. Even if you can not use “Explorer or Finder” to access data on Windows and Mac, it is still on the card.

The Full (Overwrite) option initializes the card and overwrites all data with nonsensical data. This method is more secure than simply erasing the data on the SD card because if you cover it, it is harder to retrieve previously written data. This option will be much longer than the full (erase) or fast time required.

The Full (Erase) option will delete the data on the SD card. Using special software and tools, you can retrieve data that is deleted using this method. If the card does not support this method, it will revert to the fast format.

In the Format Type drop-down menu, the second menu is called Format Size Adjustment and asks if you want to increase the amount of space on the SD card. Turning on this option will allow you to use the maximum space on the SD card. When you are finished selecting, click OK.

My suggestion is to select the full text (overlay) and turn the format size adjustment toon. On the Home screen, it should display the settings you selected.

Before Format

Before Format

Finally, click Format. You will be asked one last time if you are sure you want to do this. If you are sure, click OK.



Then, a new dialog box will show the status of the formatting process. For the options selected above, it will use random data to cover the entire card and then format the card. If you use a larger disk, the process may take some time. Do not turn off the computer or remove the disk until the entire process is complete.

When finished, a dialog box will appear telling you the result of the formatting process.

In general, the program works fine and it will ensure that your card lasts longer and your data is permanently deleted if you plan to provide it to others. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment.

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